The movement within life is based on perception; the perception of power, the perception of wealth, ability, intelligence, and even the perception of beauty. My species’ forefathers and leaders used to hold the belief that our race saw everything, for we saw on a different plane. They were wrong and they perished for it. They did not see what steps that some forces in this galaxy would take to destroy one another; their blindness ironically doomed them. There are different aspects of everything, sometimes we recognize them and sometimes they remain unknown. Much like Ashla and Bogan, these things may seem quite different but in the end one cannot exist without the other.

“Evil” and “Good” are terms I find childish and ignorant, they are the fighting words of someone who feels betrayed by circumstances and events they don’t fully understand or control, they are shouts of lamentation, and are purely an attempt to categorize and file away the unknowable.

Perhaps I hold these thoughts because of my own position and the company I am part of, for I have been labeled many things for my association with it. The Kobayashi Freight and Trade Co. has a colourful past, that I will not argue, but there are few things that have survived for this which did not have a blemish or two.



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