Star Wars: Lost Tales

Captain's Log: Gainfully Employed

After so long, we’ve finally made it. This, I think, is what Doc would have wanted. All the years of odd jobs, milk runs, being the pawns in everyone else’s little games of Dejarik. And now…Epsis. Our own docking slip, access to a shadowport. This is the life.
Well…almost. First frakkin’ day day on the job and Puzell has us out repairing rad shielding on some godforsaken holo beacon. So much for the end of the milk runs. But what’s an outlaw mechanic to do? A hint: get paid. So we took the gig, no questions asked…our first mistake, perhaps. Point Nadir is the wrong place to be taking anything for granted. I suppose I shouldn’t have been all that surprised when Sith interceptors showed up to blow our little repair operation off that hunk of rock, but they took us unawares.
The Sith…nothing about this feels right. Ever since Prello the Hutt sent us to Point Nadir on her precious recovery mission, we’ve been running into frakking Magic-fingers and their Sable Dawn assassin thugs. Now Epsis wants one of their beacons back in commission, and the Sith are waiting there to make sure it doesn’t happen. Which, really, was the point at which I just wanted to know what was going on…which led to tracking the frigate that had dropped those interceptors…which led to boarding them…which, in retrospect, may not have been the greatest idea.
Don’t board a Sith ship unless you’re looking for a small war. But it’s okay, because Jerec is always looking for a small war. Sometimes I get worried that guy’s gonna go stir-crazy and start lighting up detonators in his cabin to alleviate the boredom. The boarding was probably good for him. The initial resistance wasn’t much of a problem, except for some trooper who put a shot through Jerec’s gun. Nothing like fiddling with energy cells in a firefight. We almost had the ship: a few troopers to clear out, a few droids, but no real issues…until She showed up. We lost the ship and everything, and we have no idea who She was, only that she was Sith. No one else wields a crimson lightsabre like that. Maybe Puzell will have an idea. But we did get a couple of Plunk Droids and something approaching the docking gun rig I’ve been after ever since Doc was shot down right outside our door. That’ll never happen again, not on my watch, not with twin droid-backed cannons peeking out the sides of our cargo bay. We get paid, or we light ‘em up. The way Doc would’ve played it.
He’d have liked this crew. We’re not perfect, and we sure as hell didn’t all like each other at first. But Epsis is a good thing for us. The Noble, well, she’s a helluva slicer, and she’s got connections. That Twilek can shoot, no bones about it. The Jedi…well, all those years in the war made me pretty leery of Force junkies. But this Seb guy, he seems alright. And Jerec is…well, he’s Jerec; give him a gun and a paycheck and duck. We’re not perfect, but we’re a crew, and we’re still flying. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


Skeeter Vitaeleous

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