The year is 3951 bby.

The galaxy had been gripped by war after war for the last 50 years. The most recent being the Mandalorian War, Jedi Civil War, followed by the Sith War. The final one was ended by the Republic.

Most people don’t trust anyone who uses the Force. Jedi, Sith to most people it’s the same thing with a different name. Full WORLDS have been laid waste by both sides trying to win. The Jedi have been all but wiped out from the Galaxy. The Sith excited a purge of the Jedi. They have done what they can to eliminate even the knowledge the Jedi possessed in attempts to wipe them
from the Galaxy fully. Very few escaped the purge and they have gone into hiding.

The Republic, though incredibly weakened, finally managed to consolidate its power and began to slowly defeat the Sith Lords, who had begun to turn on themselves. With Victories came rebuilding, both physical and emotional. Worlds like Telos IV and Malachor were decimated from orbit leaving nothing.

Telos is the key project for rebuilding and terraforming the worlds that suffered the safe fate. And for colony worlds on the Rim. Tensions run high inn the Republic thanks to the sheer amount of resources going into this. If it fails the Republic could still fall.

The emotional recovery comes in ways on worlds such as Onderon. It has seen a great deal of war since joining the Republic and it’s people are split on whether that was a good idea.

It is a Galaxy filled with wounds and healing, battles and peace making, histories are to be saved, mysteries to be solved, money to be made and lost. Cargo to haul…

Enter the Honest Mistake. An old L4000 freighter with a new captain. She limped into Telos spaceport needing a crew and repairs. She left 3 weeks later with a crew and a new thermal gyroscopic stabilizer.

Her Captain, Ren Dekker, and his fist mate, Jerec Valin, have known each other for the longest and worked together alone for a long time. At times it shows. Especially when they get comparing stories. Some deals are not remembered the same…

[Caitlin] starts off as a blind rich passenger. Yet proves herself to be so much more and stays on board becoming a patron of sorts, a financier of some of the richer deals the Captain can go for, in return she gets a cut after her initial investment and a cabin for her and her travel companion, a young Keldor, named Seb(?).

The Keldor became crew on the ship almost by default. At first it bothered Ren that he had little say and that it more just “happened” yet Seb quickly proved himself handy with a hydro spanner and has ended up being a decent shot in the cannons. Though there is not much more known about him…

With the extra money being made Ren is able to hire another crew member. He manages to help out a Twi’lek out of a jam and hires her on when he sees she is good with a blaster and isn’t afraid to follow orders.

Trust is not the word to describe what the crew share amongst each other. Mutual survivalability is a better way to explain it. Not a disorganized mess by any means, but a rag tag group to be sure. Each with a past they have yet to share. Some with secrets, some with destinies, some living in the moment.

These are their mission
This is:
STAR WARS: Lost Tales

Star Wars: Lost Tales

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